Who are we

We are a foreign education consultancy based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Under the aegis of HRUSHI OVERSEAS , we provide a rich mix of services that make sure all necessary requirements are met with, so that you have a hassle free journey as well as study experience at the country of your choice. When you come to us, our relationship is not just of a service provider and customer, but that of mutually benefitting partners. We strongly believe in building a life-long relationship that ensures peace of mind for you. Every aspect of your moving abroad is taken care of by us. We strive to help you at every step of the way, from showing you the right path to fulfil your foreign education dreams, to ensuring a smooth and safe arrival to your accommodation at the destination.

We understand your need to study abroad

Only the foresighted have the ability to comprehend the importance of a quality education. These students dream and aspire to study abroad. If you too are one of them, then you've done the right thing in choosing us. Before we help you realize your dreams to study abroad, we make it a point to understand your underlying motives. We are a one-stop-shop of overseas education consultants that offer career counselling and other supporting services. Working with us means you do not need to worry about filling up forms, waiting in long queues to submit them or worry about what the next step is. When you come to us, our counsellors understand what you desire and provide career counselling accordingly. No matter what country or course you want to pursue, with our support, you can achieve your dream of studying abroad in no time at all.

We fully support the dream for foreign education

We believe that quality foreign education should be available to everyone. To achieve this, we offer several services that ensure that the deserving, are not deprived of this opportunity. We provide scholarship assistance in cases that allows us. We help identify the right scholarship for students and help them apply to it. We also assist students in applying for bank loans that can help them study abroad.

We are there for you even after you are done with your studies

A lot of our students plan to relocate permanently to the new country after they are done with their studies. Choosing us means, they never have to look any further to get assistance. They just give us a call and we are there to help them out with their PR visas. Since, we already have their file with us; the process becomes easier and quicker.

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Prof. Rushiraj Shastri

Managing Director of Hrushi Overseas

“We, the HRUSHI OVERSEAS, work as market facilitators who enable students and professionals to seek quality education and a successful career abroad. We are just a medium for people to achieve goals and all our efforts are aimed to make sure that we show them the right path. We are nothing but a final push for people to achieve their true destiny”

We understand your need to study abroad

We provide overseas education solutions tailor-made for your needs

Creating the perfect visa application for you

We fully support the dream for foreign education

We provide a complete 360 degree solution

We are there for you even after you are done with your studies