Want to study in Cyprus? HRUSHI OVERSEAS is Ahmedabad’s leading overseas education consultant with years of experience and right approach. Cyprus, being one of the top destinations for students to study abroad, has a strong hold in market for those looking forward for an opportunity to pursue their higher studies at eminent campuses from where a strong career path awaits them at their dream companies. Institutions like Global College, Alexandra College and University of Nicosia accept students without an IELTS score and it comes out to be quite an affordable student destination for higher studies. Being one of the Europe’s prime student destinations, it can also act as a gateway for higher studies in other European countries. But at HRUSHI OVERSEAS, we take care of your needs from preparing you for IELTS/PTE to giving career counselling, we cover every requirement.

Why Study In Cyprus?

Cyprus has become a very popular study abroad destination. Information about the study in Cyprus can be found from various sources. Cyprus is the ideal destination for study and research as a lot of focus is on innovating thinking and learning. You can also study in Cyprus without IELTS score and get an education that will make you employable. Some of the most popular reasons for higher studies in Cyprus are:
Bachelor and Master’s degree in Cyprus is recognized world-wide.
The main language of instruction in English.
The standard of living in Cyprus is high and yet the living costs are affordable.
Cyprus has high academic standards.
The country is very safe and the crime rates are extremely low.
The climate is also very mild and pleasant.
Credits can be transferred to all other European Union countries as well as US and Canada.
Scholarships are provided to all International students that cover up to forty percent of tuition fees.
The learning environment is enhanced with the varied culture.
Students can work hard and then party harder.
Students are prepared to work in today’s marketplace.
A tolerance for other cultures id developed and students are encouraged to work in a global environment.

Popular Universities and Courses

Popular Universities University of Nicosia
CTL Euro College
University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), Pyla
Larnaca College

Popular Courses Bachelors in Business Administration
Masters in Business Administration
Bachelor in Hospitality Management
Masters in International Relations

Application Process

The Application process generally is the same for most of the Universities however it may vary slightly from one University to other.Hrushi Overseas assists the students to compile and process all the necessary documents to be sent to the Universities & Institutes. Our Counselor will inform the student as soon as an offer letter is sent from the University. The Universities generally take approximately 2 days to 4 weeks to respond and to process an application. Hence we advise the student to apply as soon as possible.

Cost of Education

Depending upon the degree type the tuition fees for international students goes up to 3500 Euros for undergraduate students. Some specialized courses might go up to 7000 Euros. The tuition fees for masters degree ranges from 2000 to 2500 Euros.

Supporting Documents

         Applications must be submitted in person. However, for those who reside more than 200 miles (300 km) from the Consulate, the applications may be submitted by a registered courier, including a registered prepaid self-addressed, special-delivery envelope, for the safe return of the passport and the documents.
        One duly completed application form, signed by the applicant (or the legal guardian in the case of minors), with 2 passport- sized photographs attached to it signed and at the back by applicants).
        Original passport along with the copy of main pages, valid for at least three months after the date of expiration of the visa applied for. Visitors wishing to obtain a visa are advised to be in possession of a passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry to Cyprus.
A Hotel Reservation, confirmed by the hotel manager, is necessary.
        In case of a business trip, an official letter of invitation from a Cyprus company must be presented. Commercial document, i.e., certificate from the respective Chamber of Commerce and Industry, company's registration certificate, both in original and photocopy, of the country of origin.
For a visit to family and friends, a letter of invitation, including complete address, phone number, and occupation in Cyprus, must be submitted (This may be requested together with a certified Assumption of Responsibility form, duly completed and signed by the host).
        Solid evidence of the last three months that there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of the intended stay in Cyprus, e.g. a bank statement or travelers cheques (credit cards can be accepted only in addition to bank statements and only with recent statement confirming credit limit. Please note that cash is not an acceptable proof). The original Bank Statement should be signed and sealed by the competent issuing authority. The Statement must mention the issuing branch telephone numbers with code numbers. The applicants must inform their bank to give the required information to the High Commission for the purpose of processing the visa application. In case banks deny sharing information with the High Commission, the application will not be processed.
Photocopy of the tax declaration for last three years.
        A recent (dated within one month only) official letter from the employer, addressed to the Cyprus Consulate with proof of the applicant's wages/salary. If self-employed, a letter from the solicitor, the accountant or the bank manager of the applicant will be sufficient. If a student in the country of the Consulate, an original letter from the school or University addressed to the Cyprus Consulate confirming the status/attendance and the duration of the course.

€854 for visitors from Sri Lanka, the Philippines, China, and other Asian countries.
€515 for visitors from the CIS, and other Eastern Europe countries.
€341 for visitors from Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and other Middle East countries.